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Why Hire a Property Photographer in Brighton

Why Hire a Property Photographer in Brightontechnical drawing Brighton

You want to make your property or business look great. Be it for promotion of the actual business or to sell the property on the market. Thats why you need to ask yourself “Why Hire a Property Photographer in Brighton“. A lot of business owners just assume that a member of staff who owns a DSLR can do the job for no money at all. And perhaps they find that they can make a exposure that does not blow out the highlights or lose important detail in the shadows. Most cameras have a setting for point and shoot and the image is useable that comes out.

However; A photographers job goes far beyond that. And one of the things that a good photographer in Brighton will know how to do and do it well, is to make satin out of a pigs ear.  Most commercial buildings lets face it, are not interesting to look at. Built for a utilitarian use, they tend to be matter of fact both on the outside and inside.   A trained photographer will however be able to see the final image even before he/she mounts the camera on the tripod. There are many things that a professional property photographer will be thinking and calculating in his head, even before the camera bag is opened. And making a boring building look amazing is a skill that is only learned by years of experience and practice.  They will be able to make it jump out from the page, make it inviting for the eye, and capture the attention of the person viewing it. A skilled property photographer will design the image, lead the eye through the image, and make the visual into a 3D interpretation of the real building.

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Strong Estate Marketing Ideas for London

Strong Estate Marketing Ideas for London

For Sale London Signs


Here are some Strong Estate Marketing Ideas for London.  I am a estate photographer and I work in London and the south.  Every day I am in contact with businesses of all shapes and sizes that are trying to sell or to promote their properties. These can be either private residences or commercial properties. And I have noticed a thing of two that makes sense when they come to selling and being successful at it.

The first I would say is that it is imperative to put together a description that appeals to the potential customer. Put yourself in the customers shoes, and ask yourself, does this listing jump off the page, does it grab my attention? Galliard Homes on of London’s biggest property developers have a good method to their descriptions. They make you interested in the property.

Another technique that I think can really give you milage and make your property stand out is Viral Real Estate Video. Savvy & Co Real Estate have lead the way in this valuable tool. https://youtu.be/K8JzIihoUck You really want the customer to invest his time and thinking, and this is a great way to do that.

Another important tool to really invest in is using social media, such as Facebook. Tim Maciejewski talks about the ins and out of this valuable area that people try to use and often get wrong. Twitter is now a leader in social media and must be understood to master it to work for your estate selling needs. Flyer Co. go into good detail about the importance and importantly how to get it working for your quickly.

Lastly you want to really invest and spend more on your Real Estate Website. And your can do this with Professional Estate Photography.

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Things that All Photographers in London Hate

Things that All Photographers in London HateLondon property photography


I need to vent, its good to get it out and not keep it in they say.  So I thought I would put together a list of Things that All Photographers in London Hate.

The fist I would say is being asked to either photograph a cliches or to produce one in photoshop.  Cant think of any?  How about the black and white photograph that is accented with a splash of colour.  Or a portrait that has only the lipstick in colour the rest in monotone. There are endless smart phone applications that allow people to do this now all on their own.  Ok, but it just bothers me when Im asked to produce it myself.

A few others are not keeping to the agreed schedule. This may seem trivial, however photographers are often thinking about other important factors that make a great shoot, like the quality and quantity of the available light.  The more light we have to play with, the better and photographers are always thinking when is the best time of day to do a shoot. Fstoppers 

I suppose another pet peeve is when after a photographer spends time and effort to make the image look good with work in photoshop, is people posting it on social media in either the wrong size and it make it look horrible when re-sized or actually tampering with it themselves with bad crops and the like.

When someone says to me, thats a great photograph, what camera do you have.  I have trained for many years after college for photography and its nothing to do with the camera I use. Its skill and knowledge that allows me now to make great images. Well this is a small list of Things that All Photographers in London Hate, I will continue in my quest for the perfect image.

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Important Points that Make a Great Photographer

Important Points that Make a Great Photographer

There are many things that people say that make a good photograph.  And this is true in regards to how the image is read and how it performs the job that it was intended to do.  A photo of a classy car, well it will make people desire it and want to buy it. Job done.  What I would like to take a moment and write about is the Important Points that Make a Great Photographer.

If you ask someone what makes a great photographer you will probably get the answer ‘someone who can take a great photograph’. Again, this is true.  But what is more important is the qualities of the photographer him/herself.  At the top of my list, I would say that to make a great photographer you need to be a people person.  Even though a photographer usually will be shooting on their own for the most part, it is vital that they are able to communicate effectively with the client.  Another quality that is important is to be creative. Its not good enough just to know how the latest equipment works, a photographer must be able to use the camera to bring to life the world as they see it. A good photographer will usually have enrolled in a course such as City of Westminster College on a relevant course.

Another point that I would like to mention is coordination.  Yes, its important, in ways that you would never realise. I cannot stress how important it is to be able to work around heavy duty studio lights that are mains operated and not knock them over and electrocute yourself and others in the process.

There are more, but I thought I would just mention these for now. If you would like to see my work click Portfolio.  If you would like to follow me click Twitter.

Being a Architectural Photographer in London

Being a Architectural Photographer in London

One of the positions that I hold is being a Architectural Photographer in London. This entails working with some of the biggest hotel names in the UK if not the world. But I also work with smaller hotels and B&B’s.  Where ever there is a need for a quality image of a building and its interior I will photograph it. One of the problems however; in working in London is the height of the exteriors of some buildings actually interfere with the light on the building that I will be attempting to photograph.

This calls for planning and knowing a thing or two about the sun.  Firstly, I will find out what time the sun will be making a appearance, if at all that day.  And if I am lucky, it will be out. Then I need to consider where the shadows will fall from the building being photographed and importantly, the shadows created by the other buildings around it.  And as you can imagine, in London I have my work cut out for me.  Some estate agents take the easy way out such as Zoopla and take the photo when its overcast.  The problem with this is that it makes for a flat, boring photo that does no justice to the beauty of the property. It really is my pet peeve and whenever I see these images on the high street or online, I shudder. Its like bad food photography, you look at it and think why would I ever eat that?

Its not about just showing up to the shoot with a camera and snapping a photo and hoping for the best.  Its about careful planning and understanding the available light and using it properly and to its best advantage to get the best image you can.

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Equipment in a Interior Photographers Bag


Photographer Equipment Brighton

There is a lot of Equipment in a Interior Photographers Bag such as strobes and filters.  The one piece of kit that I use and find invaluable is that of a title shift lens such as the Canon Uk lens pictured above.  To the casual observer this lens looks broken.  But to the skilled interior photographer such as myself, it is a lens that does the seemingly impossible.

There are so many factors when you are trying to frame a image to make a room looks its best. However; rooms have a way of making your job difficult with all its weird angles, impossible spaces and reflective surfaces.  I use every bit of kit to try to overcome these obstacles, but there are times when I need to have things look as normal as possible and not have converging lines and plates that look like they are falling out of the frame. This is because I might have to shoot very close to the subject due to room size constraints.

This is where this lens helps. Its allows me to move the lens and not the room. This minimises those weird angles and converging lines.  It also comes in handy if I want to shoot a mirror or other reflective surface and not have the camera appear in the image. Now some people might argue that you can fix theses things in photoshop.  Perhaps, but I am from the school of thought that a professional interior photographer will get the image right in the camera from the start.  When your working with huge volumes of client images as I am, you do not have time to play about correcting  your lines in every image.  I promise fast turnarounds with my clients and thats what they get.

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How to Sell Your Property in London


How to Sell Your Property in London

London photographer property


When your thinking of How to Sell Your Property in London several important considerations will come to your mind.  There are the obvious starters, such as choosing whether to sell it on your own, or using a estate agent to represent you and do all the client viewings for you.  Once you decided on that, then things like making the London Property the most appealing to any potential viewers that can be converted to buyers.

London is the property capital of the UK if not the world.  You face fierce competition, especially after Brexit. With house prices falling, you must stay ahead of the competition if you want to get your asking price and not a penny less. Ideally you would like there to be a price war, driving the price up.  This makes sense if you have invested a lot to time and money into your London Property. Not to mention the love and dedication you will have put into it.

The usual next step is just before the potential customer comes to view your property is to make it shine at its best. This is straightforward things such as cutting hedges, lawns and putting out the flower baskets. Cleaning and tidying the interior may take some effort but its is worth it, isn’t it.  This is where I am often confused.  If it makes logical sense to make a effort to have the house looking at its best when viewers come, does it not make sense to show them that beauty from the start of the process with amazing property photographs?  Of course it does, and its a investment that will pay you back with loads more viewings and higher selling price.

This is where researching and hiring a professional property photographer is essential. These photographs should be the ones that are ever seen by the public.  They should make the viewer interested, and say “what a lovely property”.

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Product Photographer in Brighton and London

Product Photographer in Brighton and London

If you are looking for a Product Photographer in Brighton and London, and you search google, you will find that there are many choices. As a business owner, you have to be able to sort the good from the average.  One thing that you might want to consider is how many other things can the photographer do.  Are they able to make corporate portraits for you as well.   Are they able to photograph the interior of your business if you decide you need them to do that as well.

You might not be a big corporation such as IKEA and have a much smaller budget in mind.  But your product is still just as important to you. And good photographs of it are vital to making that sale with your customers. And lets face it, today they are discerning people.  They get bombarded with images all day long.  You must stand out and make them take notice of your product.  Choosing a photographer that can do this and do it for a smaller business is important.

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Equipment that a London Interior Photographer Uses


Equipment that a London Interior Photographer Uses

Canon 5 d ii camera london


Equipment that a London interior photographer uses are not your standard cameras and lens.  Most consumers are familiar with the DSLR range that is available. It stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex.  What that means in normal speak is that you can remove the lens from the camera body and put another lens on of your choice.  A lot of amateur photographers will have a impressive collection of lens, for this shot and for that. They tend to be long lens, or telephoto lens. Allows you to get up close to the action without actually being in the area. Nice and safe.

But if your a professional, most of these lens are a waste of money. Portrait photographers rarely shoot with a 300mm lens. Its just not practical to be standing so far far away from your subject. They tend to go for lens in the 90mm arena, and 50mm for lifestyle shots. Its the closest to the actual human eye experience and allows a good portion of the background that is to make up part of the story.

Now another thing that professionals use and amateurs  do not is the size of the sensor.  Most professionals use a full frame sensor. With that comes more cost and actual camera body weight.  Yes being a professional photographer gives you bad shoulders and backs.  And those annoying pop up flashes are gone, your hot shoe is free to do the managing of lights.

I am partial to the Canon L series lens. L stands for Luxury and its reflected in the huge costs. But the difference between a consumer cheap lens and the quality of the image that you get with a good lens is noticeable. Its all about the quality of the final image.  The Equipment that a London Interior Photographer uses is heavy and combined with multiple  camera bodies and strobes and the rest of the set up , well you can see why we hire assistants.  If you want to HIRE me you can CONTACT me.

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Property photographer in London


Property photographer in London

London Property Living room


I visit  a lot of properties in my line of work. A a property photographer in London and the south of the UK, I photograph some pretty amazing property.  When I was young I used to spend my time looking at various lifestyle magazines such as House to Home and loved the way some rooms and property looked, most of it in London.  Sure I have photographed properties in other major cities, but there is something about London that I would say is my favourite.

Its the different style of buildings that can be found here.  From Victorian to Georgian and modern architecture. Each architect and designer must come up with something that was and is sympathetic to the actual original building, be it because of bi-laws or a need for harmony.

One of the things that I love about the older building is the light that has always been important.  Big windows, french doors, no bulky curtains to cut out the light. And being a photographer, I am always a fan of and looking out for light. Not only does it make my job a bit easier, but I feel it effects me in my mind.  It just opens the room up, giving me a chance to explore it through my viewfinder.  By allowing me to use my strobes as fill, it allows a more pleasing balance of light as well.

I love the way that natural light draws your eye through the photograph of the interior. Its not insist, rather it invites you to scan the room and space at your leisure.  The photograph above is such a example.  There is no job in the world I would rather be doing.

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