Amazing town photography Hastings

Hasting fishing market

Hasting is amazing, and a recent gem of a discovery for me. With all the quaintness
of a seaside town you would expect, but with added features. The fishing industry
is strong here and the history of the smuggles that used to smuggle from France to
avoid taxes is obvious. What greets you as you walk among the fishing village are
these amazing black structures. Smoke houses for the fish that are caught just off
shore. Black to weather the storms that frequent the shores, and old as the day itself.
It make for a surreal stroll to walk among these 2 story structures, with the old old
fishing boat resting amongst them. And I fell in love with them immediately.

I was there to photograph the new Jarwood Gallery. With its slate glistening sides,
its like it was born from the water itself.
The village is filled with tiny shops full of candles, flowers, pottery, and general
brilliant stuff.