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1 Thing to do when photographing hanging pictures

1 Thing to Do when photographing hanging pictures


One of the difficult things to deal with when your are photographing interiors is to avoid glare and unwanted reflections in the various glass surfaces including hanging pictures that are found inside. Even with the use of a polarising filter, you still are going to have funny things showing up in places. Like the sun bouncing off your fridge or more annoying, light glares that stop the viewer from seeing the image inside handing photos on the walls. I recommend 1 thing to do when photographing hanging pictures, this is when  I would direct the image maker to the game of pool.

When you start seeing light angles similar to the sport, then you can start making changes to the moveable objects as opposed to the immovable sun or even permanent light fixtures, that you have no access too. Simple tricks such as tilting the photos on the wall until the sun disappears will provide instant pleasing results. You can use things that you have to hand like tissue or blue tac.

These are all the little ticks of the trade that a interior photographer must use when they visit a site.  You will never have the perfect situation photographically speaking ever.  Each job presents itself with its own problems that must be overcome quickly and professionally. You really must be trained to think outside of the box. Well even if its 1 thing to do when photographing hanging pictures, you are making a start.  Before long you will have developed your own coping tools and learn the limits of the camera and your flash and the natural light that can be used to your advantage.

There are many more things to consider and I will be writing about my own professional practices that I use when out in the field at a clients location.

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