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2 Things to Remember When Photographing Shiny Surfaces

2 Things to Remember When Photographing Shiny Surfaces

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One of the most difficult areas of interior photography is when you have to deal with shiny surfaces like metal that not only bounce light all around the photo, hot spots appear.  Photography is not unlike pool, where you have to carefully consider where the ball will end up once it ricochets off the bank.

A professional photographer must consider how much of a hot spot will happen with the flash and indeed the natural light in the room. So here are 2 Things to Remember when Photographing Shiny Surfaces. Firstly  consider moving of  your flash lights and using bounced diffused light helps, but ultimately it is about angle of refraction is angle of reflection. You can spend a lot of time adjusting and guessing but it is about the angles. The smart photographer knows the rules of angle of reflection refraction.

Secondly consider whether you can move the object instead.  Obviously if its a oven top or a hood, its impossible, but if its a surface that can be moved easily, prop it in a different angle. Use something handy or even remove the pesky object altogether.  If all else fails and you simply cant find a angle of light and/or camera and its a fridge, you must then rely on photoshop. I cannot stress this enough, it must be you last choice as its easy to spend hours in front of the computer trying to clone that hot spot out and make it look real. Not like you did it in photoshop.

Clients hire you to take photographs, not spend you time creating something out of nothing in front of a computer. And the more you learn how to photograph tricky surfaces, the more your will speed up your work also. So there we have it 2 things to Remember when Photographing Shiny Surfaces.

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