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Being a Architectural Photographer in London

Being a Architectural Photographer in London

One of the positions that I hold is being a Architectural Photographer in London. This entails working with some of the biggest hotel names in the UK if not the world. But I also work with smaller hotels and B&B’s.  Where ever there is a need for a quality image of a building and its interior I will photograph it. One of the problems however; in working in London is the height of the exteriors of some buildings actually interfere with the light on the building that I will be attempting to photograph.

This calls for planning and knowing a thing or two about the sun.  Firstly, I will find out what time the sun will be making a appearance, if at all that day.  And if I am lucky, it will be out. Then I need to consider where the shadows will fall from the building being photographed and importantly, the shadows created by the other buildings around it.  And as you can imagine, in London I have my work cut out for me.  Some estate agents take the easy way out such as Zoopla and take the photo when its overcast.  The problem with this is that it makes for a flat, boring photo that does no justice to the beauty of the property. It really is my pet peeve and whenever I see these images on the high street or online, I shudder. Its like bad food photography, you look at it and think why would I ever eat that?

Its not about just showing up to the shoot with a camera and snapping a photo and hoping for the best.  Its about careful planning and understanding the available light and using it properly and to its best advantage to get the best image you can.

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