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Equipment that a London Interior Photographer Uses


Equipment that a London Interior Photographer Uses

Canon 5 d ii camera london


Equipment that a London interior photographer uses are not your standard cameras and lens.  Most consumers are familiar with the DSLR range that is available. It stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex.  What that means in normal speak is that you can remove the lens from the camera body and put another lens on of your choice.  A lot of amateur photographers will have a impressive collection of lens, for this shot and for that. They tend to be long lens, or telephoto lens. Allows you to get up close to the action without actually being in the area. Nice and safe.

But if your a professional, most of these lens are a waste of money. Portrait photographers rarely shoot with a 300mm lens. Its just not practical to be standing so far far away from your subject. They tend to go for lens in the 90mm arena, and 50mm for lifestyle shots. Its the closest to the actual human eye experience and allows a good portion of the background that is to make up part of the story.

Now another thing that professionals use and amateurs  do not is the size of the sensor.  Most professionals use a full frame sensor. With that comes more cost and actual camera body weight.  Yes being a professional photographer gives you bad shoulders and backs.  And those annoying pop up flashes are gone, your hot shoe is free to do the managing of lights.

I am partial to the Canon L series lens. L stands for Luxury and its reflected in the huge costs. But the difference between a consumer cheap lens and the quality of the image that you get with a good lens is noticeable. Its all about the quality of the final image.  The Equipment that a London Interior Photographer uses is heavy and combined with multiple  camera bodies and strobes and the rest of the set up , well you can see why we hire assistants.  If you want to HIRE me you can CONTACT me.

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Property photographer in London


Property photographer in London

London Property Living room


I visit  a lot of properties in my line of work. A a property photographer in London and the south of the UK, I photograph some pretty amazing property.  When I was young I used to spend my time looking at various lifestyle magazines such as House to Home and loved the way some rooms and property looked, most of it in London.  Sure I have photographed properties in other major cities, but there is something about London that I would say is my favourite.

Its the different style of buildings that can be found here.  From Victorian to Georgian and modern architecture. Each architect and designer must come up with something that was and is sympathetic to the actual original building, be it because of bi-laws or a need for harmony.

One of the things that I love about the older building is the light that has always been important.  Big windows, french doors, no bulky curtains to cut out the light. And being a photographer, I am always a fan of and looking out for light. Not only does it make my job a bit easier, but I feel it effects me in my mind.  It just opens the room up, giving me a chance to explore it through my viewfinder.  By allowing me to use my strobes as fill, it allows a more pleasing balance of light as well.

I love the way that natural light draws your eye through the photograph of the interior. Its not insist, rather it invites you to scan the room and space at your leisure.  The photograph above is such a example.  There is no job in the world I would rather be doing.

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A Photographer of Buildings in London

A Photographer of Buildings



I love my phone, I cannot be without it.  The majority of the population feel the same as well.  Within the last few years the camera on these phones has become very good indeed. As a photographer of buildings in London, I am not always with my big Canon 5 DII camera. Sometimes I am just out and about doing other things, but my eye is always roving the buildings and how they fit together in our environment.  I will never cease to be amazed how we as a human race can put together such beautiful objects and spaces.

But like I said, I don’t always have my camera when I come across such a scene. But I always have my phone on me. After experimenting with different phones from the iPhone to the lower end Huawei, I settled on the Sony Xperia range.  I find that not only do they offer a decent sized file for the size of the phone, but their lens are pretty good for the money. And as all photographers know, its the lens that matters.  Yes, the sensor is important as well, but the starting place is the lens.

There is a huge down side to shooting with your phone though.  You simply have no manual control over your aperture and shutter settings.  And this is a major thing if you are a photographer of buildings in London. Its a simple fact that no camera ever invented since the beginning has been able to handle the massive stop range between pure highlights and the darkest shadows.  When using my Canon 5D II I am able to choose either to expose for my highlights or my shadows, and put a filter on the lens or if its tripod mounted, shoot different exposures and layer them in photoshop.   You simply cannot do that in a phone camera.  Saying that, if you look for scenes that your mobile can handle, then the camera phone is not a bad thing to have in your pocket.

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Sussex Photographer

Sussex Photographer


Today I thought I would take a break from talking about interior photography and speak about Brighton instead. Brighton is based in Sussex,that makes me a Sussex Photographer. Brighton has given me the opportunity to become the photographer that I am today. Because of its brilliant lights and different types of light, it make it a great place to capture different images.

I was walking beside our soon to be i360 tower and was remembering the west pier before most of it sank into the sea. It was one of the first building that I ever photographed. It was with my trusty Nikon camera at the time.  It was not expensive, and the lens was not the greatest, but I was hooked. Over the months I grew to love photographing buildings of all types and sizes.  Sneaking into areas that looking back would have landed me in conflict with the law I would say, but nevertheless I photographed.

For a time, I only photographed abandoned buildings. And the landscapes and seascapes.  But it was the man made structures that I kept returning too over and over again. There was something wonderful about them to my mind. People had come up with a concept of how we should interact with out environment and made the actual building. Some were flashy and new, some were old as the hills and some had seen better days.

Im not a sentimental photographer, however I did get attached to West Pier, as it slowly slowly disappeared beneath the waves over the years. I thought about all the peoples lives that had visited here. How many marriage proposals, how many heart breaks, how many family outings had this old pier seen. If it had not had the misfortune of a fire reducing it to its steel frames, I wonder how many more stories it would hold, just as it neighbour Brighton Pier does. This Sussex Photographer will keep looking.

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Product photographer in Sussex

Product photographer in Sussex


I really enjoy my job.  It is full of variation and challenges. And a great deal of my work takes me all over Sussex. And my jobs range from interiors to products found in these interiors. So as a product photographer in Sussex I get lots of requests for different items that are permanently installed. This presents a whole host of problems.

Unable to move the product to a better location for light and tricky to get a good angle due to limited space, means thinking about where to place your camera and what lens to use. These are the situations that have seen me balancing precariously in some unseemly weird ways with the camera.  Its amazing how little of space your body actually needs when pushed. Add some lights and tripod and you have a game of twister.  I swear my legs muscle all comes from holding these positions for lengths of time.

But its products and their photographs that make the fine details that are crucial. Whether your trying to get funding for building products or if your trying to get people interested in buying your bathrooms, photographs are what you need.  Selecting a professional is a important part of this process. Always ask if they specialise in product photography within the interior.

I enjoy the angles that bathrooms offer up due to the materials used. And I enjoy the reflections of chrome, its all clean and crisp.

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Commercial photographer in Brighton

Commercial photographer in Brighton


I often get asked questions about what makes a good photograph of interiors.  As a commercial photographer in Brighton I am always visiting various homes and offices for shoots, and have a lot of practice in this area. There are of course rules that you need to always follow if your going to get a good image and rules that you need to memorise.

One of those rules is the rule of thirds. Its been used in paintings and art since early days, and it works. You may have seen the rule as expressed as 4 lines that split the image into 6 separate boxes. The trick to remember is that anything interesting you want to bring attention too in interior photo, you simply make sure that it appear on that imaginary line. Better yet, at the intersection of the two lines.

There is a reason photography in general is called painting with light.  And even in interior photography or architctural photography these rules are very important. In fact I would go as far as to say, they matter more in the interior or property than other types of photography. Its is shapes that you are playing with and you must know how these shapes will give the story of the kitchen or living room or pool room.  Even if you cannot find straight lines, you need to be aware of the shapes that various furniture gives.  Its kinda like Janga, that great game that we sometimes play at the pub.

This is just one of the considerations that I keep in mind to produce high quality images that your business will need to make customers really want your services. Be it a architect, a commercial developer or a hotel, these visual rules must be kept in mind when making great photos.

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Corporate photographer in Sussex


Corporate photographer in Sussex

When your a corporate photographer in Sussex, you often get asked to do unique companies portraits for various reasons.  Not too long ago, I was commissioned to attend the 4000th production of the above beauty of a machine.  It was a big event for the business ELEKTA and all the big wigs were to make a appearance.

The shoot was to take place in the actual factor floor that the machines were produced. There was more than enough room to get all 60 of the personal that worked to make the magnet. However; this proved to be a challenge in other ways.  The existing lighting was the typical tube lighting that you would expect to find on a factor site.  The colour casts from that lighting and my flash lighting  would compete.  Someone would look green! And I nor the client would look good!

So after managing to get everyone to get into position, and after getting them to all settle down ( it was like a school trip away from work) I then dealt with the different light temperatures.  I perched myself high on a specialised ladder they had handy to be able to see everyone, and the event was over quickly and the board of directors could get back to discussing important things and not taking orders from a corporate photographer in Sussex.

Incidentally, if my memory serves me well, the above machine has a big role to play in the cure for cancers, and has the job of taking images of us inside. Well, like I said, my job takes me to unique jobs and meeting very interesting people and their equally interesting products as well.


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A Property Photographer based in Brighton


 A Property Photographer based in Brighton


Summer is almost upon us and I have been busy readying myself for the change in colours and light when I am shooting for architectural clients.  As a property photographer based in Brighton, I know the amazing types of sun that we can get.  Not only are the days longer, giving more of a opportunity to shoot longer days, but the quality of light changes also.

Depending on the day, I am ruled by the types of clouds that appear in the sky. Not only as they cut the light levels, but some of the clouds act as giant soft boxes. I usually equip myself with knowledge of the weather for the day of the shoot, so I know what kind of image I can make.  I really is all about what mother nature decides to give me on the day.  Obviously rainy days are a bit of a lost cause and a reshoot is usually in order.

But for the most part, Brighton is sunny, if not a bit windy. Fortunately the wind tends not to show up in buildings photography.  But I know as a property photographer based in Brighton that the right time of day is just as important as having the sun to begin with.  So my day begins with the solid knowledge that the sun will be out, and then I choose a time of day. This is when I am considering the shadows. Just as important in a property photo as the light parts.  I tend to like the longer shadows that compliment the building, but again I think of the final look of a photograph. Sometimes my clients are amazed when I tell them about the shadows, telling me they never ever considered it before.

Sometimes the shadows are wrong and I have to wait until the clouds move in a bit. Sometimes I want no shadows and wait until the clouds cover a lot. Sometimes it works out and I can get the image the first shot.

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Photography in Brighton

Photography in Brighton

I live in Brighton. We have lots of quirky things and lots of different buildings. Some of the objects are designed to be permanent and some to be seasonal or biannual.  This is the case with the Brighton Wheel. It has been the love and hate of Brightonions for the past 5 years.

However as of today, it will be no more. They are dismantling it as I write.  I never went on the wheel, my fear of heights again kept me safely on the ground away from any enjoyment that others were having. I do a lot of photography in Brighton and seen various different things. Some put up for the festival and once they are taken down and packed away until next summer. Like a old friend returning and something to look forward to. The spiegeltent brighton is one such building. Made of wood, and very old, it travels the festival circuit back to old haunts and new alike.

But the Brighton Wheel is going on a one way trip from out shores. Its off to Holland I hear, to get its paint done to restore it to its former glory and then off it will travel around the world. Its the highest bidder that will call it forth.

I am sad in a way, I was not in Brighton at the time it arrived, but over the last few years have come to know it and photograph it.  I wonder where it will end up in a few months time, and if the people that will jump aboard it in a new city will ever wonder of know of its interesting travels. I feel like I am saying goodby to a old friend for the last time. No longer will I be able to pull out my camera for a quick image as I pass by in the night, or on a foggy morning. Well, I wish you well in your travels wheel.  You are no longer just Brighton’s anymore.

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Property Photographer Based in Brighton

Property Photographer Based in Brighton

In my job as a property photographer based in Brighton, I am always shooting extensions or new builds.  It is very exciting to be able to be one of the first people to visit a site after the builders have gone and see what was constructed.  I am always doing research for the various types of living rooms and bath rooms that are built.  I love looking firstly at the designs and also how the photographer has presented it.

I think it is important to look at other photographers work.  To keep abreast of the cutting styles that interior designers are using and what kind of shoots are being made. We all have out best loved rooms in a house and I myself love the lines in a shower room. The surfaces speak of clean and flowing and shinny. I can imagine having a long hot soak or a steamy shower in the room.

They are tricky rooms to photograph however. I would say they are more tricky than kitchens. In a kitchen you usually have more room to move around.  More places to choose from for a good image. But I do love these rooms, I suppose not only is it the materials used, but the problem solving that it requires that makes me happy.  Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a lovely bedroom with walk in closet to photograph. But I find bedrooms to be very much the same as the last one. No two bathrooms are ever the same. Its like the chains that hold a architect or interior designer fall away and their imaginations are set free.

I have seen many shower rooms in my job as a Property photographer  Based in Brighton but the above room that I shot is one of my best loved ones.


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