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1 thing to remember for amazing skylight photos

1 thing to remember for amazing skylight photos


1 thing to remember for amazing skylight photos
It is the details that make the sell on a property and it is the ability to make those items stand out in a photo that makes a great image from a bad one. Here we have a skylight, it is obviously a important part of the structure of this house, and a great selling point. I love houses with skylight, reminds me of my first flat. I love the light pouring in and how it make the ceiling so much taller and more colourful. If I ever buy a house, Im going to have lots of skylights.

In order to obtain a good photograph of a skylight, you have to think about what it will look like on its own or as part of a room. This is a property in London that I photographed and there was not a lot of room for move around on the landing. When I backed into one of the adjacent rooms, I lost the full skylight. So my options were limited, but I still needed to make a cool image.

Professional Interior Photography is about thinking on your feet, coming up with solutions. Looking around and moving my camera had not produced the results I was looking for. In the end I chose to shoot upwards and include some of the actual room as well. I carefully balanced the existing light and added a flash to bring up the shadows and presto, a lovely photograph that shows all the detail needed. So there you have 1 thing to remember for amazing skylight photos.

Just keep in mind the converging verticals when shooting upwards and how you can correct this with camera movements.


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Do you need a Professional Property Photographer?

Do You Need A Professional Property Photographer?

London Property

example of poor real estate photo


I wanted to add this post as I see many businesses just settling for any old image of their property. ” that will do” or ” I can take a quick snap and it will be close enough”.For the purpose of comparison, I have shown two very distinctly different images of properties, both were on the market for sale.

When  you look at the question Do I Need a Professional Property Photographer, you need to consider the lasting impact of your companies image and the potential sales that it will or will not create. A photograph on its own does speak volumes, and makes your business stand out and look professional.

Potential buyers of property will sit up and notice the professional image. When these images are used on google for search results, there is a clear indication that good images give good click through results, and more potential clients to your actual website.

You need to grab the attention of the person from the minute google throws up the search results. Its no good being at the front page of google if you images of your business or products or real estate look cheap and ugly.  A professional know the right angles, and what to include and what to leave out of a image. The figure in the above photo will have customers running for the hills.

Using professional lighting equipment correctly is another skill that professionals take years to learn and master, and don’t think because your phone has a flash that it will work. Its too weak to begin with and don’t get me started on the flatness it will create.
So next time you are thinking of pulling out your camera phone, stop and ask yourself Do I Need a Professional Property Photographer? Just remember the creepy guy in the lower photo and I think you will know your answer.

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1 Fact About Humans in Interior Photography


1 Fact About Humans in Interior Photography

interior photographer london

Here is 1 Fact About Humans in Interior Photography, sometimes adding the human into a photograph will make the space more understandable.

Not only for scale and size but how do humans interact with the space. A good image allows the viewer to imagine themselves within that environment. This allows a potential buyer or customer to understand the space as they can easily relate to it now.  People also respond to clicking more on images that have humans in them.  This is 1 Fact About Humans in Interior Photography and I will briefly tell you how to do it below.

Try not to have your subject face the camera, move around and allow them to be within the area. If you and clever, you will understand the height of the camera lens with the level of human eyes, sitting or standing.

Getting the model to relax will happen as the shoot goes on, and don’t be afraid to fill that memory card up. Making sure the model is properly lit as well as the interior or exterior is a craft. It has taken me four years at college to learn the art of interior lighting and lighting of models.

You want the model to jump out of the scene, not blend in with it. Research the typical poses that are good for models and let you model know ahead of time what your plan of action is.  Give yourself plenty of time, and let everyone know that the shoot will continue until you get the perfect shot and only then can the equipment be put away.

Its this sort of photography that cant be done in photoshop no matter how hard you try.  If your having any doubts about your abilities to make a great image for you business, get the professionals in.

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Before you Pick up your Phone Instead of a DSLR


 Before you Pick up your Phone  Instead of a DSLR


What to know before you pick up your phone instead of a DSLR. I hear business owners saying that they have a camera on my  phone and can do their own photographs of their business. Well, I agree, you can probably get a image on a phone, if you get lucky with the weather and manage to hold it still for a exposure. But what you need to remember is all other things that a professional can do, a trained professional.
A professional is able to imagine how they want the photo to look and carry that out, regardless of the weather and other factors. A professional controls the image making, not the other way around.  A professional uses a DSLR camera.

You must remember there is only so much you can do in photoshop as well if your thinking that its a cure all application. And after a afternoon of trying to make a terrible image into something that will bring people to your website, you will understand what I am talking about. Soul destroying. professional camera used by Damon Libby Photography

A great result starts with great capture, and the ability to understand light and having the right equipment, not to mention the other factors such as vantage point, shutter speed and aperture. So consider these factors  Before you Pick up your Phone  Instead of a DSLR. And if you can manage it, call a professional.
It really does pay to have a professional do it for you. Not only will you be guaranteed beautiful images of you property or product or business, but you won’t have the stress of trying to get a great image from a darkened interior.
Pictures speak louder than words, and this is very true and important for the image you want to give customers. Remember, you have a few seconds to impress!

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