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How to Sell Your Property in London


How to Sell Your Property in London

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When your thinking of How to Sell Your Property in London several important considerations will come to your mind.  There are the obvious starters, such as choosing whether to sell it on your own, or using a estate agent to represent you and do all the client viewings for you.  Once you decided on that, then things like making the London Property the most appealing to any potential viewers that can be converted to buyers.

London is the property capital of the UK if not the world.  You face fierce competition, especially after Brexit which will cause removal services to go off the charts. With house prices falling, you must stay ahead of the competition if you want to get your asking price and not a penny less. Ideally you would like there to be a price war, driving the price up.  This makes sense if you have invested a lot to time and money into your London Property. Not to mention the love and dedication you will have put into it.

The usual next step is just before the potential customer comes to view your property is to make it shine at its best also a great tip: make sure that your locks meet the current insurance standards. This is straightforward things such as cutting hedges, lawns and putting out the flower baskets. Cleaning and tidying the interior may take some effort even employing a boiler service or carpenter but its is worth it, isn’t it.  This is where I am often confused.  If it makes logical sense to make a effort to have the house looking at its best when viewers come, does it not make sense to show them that beauty from the start of the process with amazing property photographs?  Of course it does, and its a investment that will pay you back with loads more viewings and higher selling price.

This is where researching and hiring a professional property photographer is essential. These photographs should be the ones that are ever seen by the public.  They should make the viewer interested, and say “what a lovely property”.

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