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Equipment that a London Interior Photographer Uses


Equipment that a London Interior Photographer Uses

Canon 5 d ii camera london


Equipment that a London interior photographer uses are not your standard cameras and lens.  Most consumers are familiar with the DSLR range that is available. It stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex.  What that means in normal speak is that you can remove the lens from the camera body and put another lens on of your choice.  A lot of amateur photographers will have a impressive collection of lens, for this shot and for that. They tend to be long lens, or telephoto lens. Allows you to get up close to the action without actually being in the area. Nice and safe.

But if your a professional, most of these lens are a waste of money. Portrait photographers rarely shoot with a 300mm lens. Its just not practical to be standing so far far away from your subject. They tend to go for lens in the 90mm arena, and 50mm for lifestyle shots. Its the closest to the actual human eye experience and allows a good portion of the background that is to make up part of the story.

Now another thing that professionals use and amateurs  do not is the size of the sensor.  Most professionals use a full frame sensor. With that comes more cost and actual camera body weight.  Yes being a professional photographer gives you bad shoulders and backs.  And those annoying pop up flashes are gone, your hot shoe is free to do the managing of lights.

I am partial to the Canon L series lens. L stands for Luxury and its reflected in the huge costs. But the difference between a consumer cheap lens and the quality of the image that you get with a good lens is noticeable. Its all about the quality of the final image.  The Equipment that a London Interior Photographer uses is heavy and combined with multiple  camera bodies and strobes and the rest of the set up , well you can see why we hire assistants.  If you want to HIRE me you can CONTACT me.

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